Taiwanese Stereotypes of Americans

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my new classmates here in Taiwan, and they wanted to know all about me.
"Where in America are you from?" one of them asked me in Chinese.
"Missouri," I replied, and when they glanced at eachother I told them it was in the middle of the US.
"Oh yeah! Alot of people ride Harleys!"
That's number one.
"What do you like to do for fun, listen to rap? Skateboard?"
Numbers two and three.
And finally they asked me why I am taking French instead of Spanish, and before I could respond another student cut in and said:
"He problably already speaks Spanish."



spinningwheel said...

so, do you speak Spanish?

Dr. F said...

Funny how when we think of ourselves that we often focus on our lack of knowledge and the ultimate irony is that a culture that we look up to for education looks up to us in our knowledge.
--Hope you're enjoying Taiwan, everyone here misses you, especially the yogis.