The Anteaters from Outer Space

Once upon a time, around 3rd grade or so, I wrote a story called "A worm's life". It was a scant paragraph long and related the exploits of an anthropomorphized inchworm from his birth from an egg to his death - eaten by a bird - mere seconds later.

It's interesting the things we write when we're children. One afternoon at my friend Nikolei's house I picked up a notebook on the ground and opened it up. There on the first three pages I found a 3 chapter (one chapter per page) story about aliens attacking Earth. The first chapter described the invasion and how our eight-and-a-half year old hero Nikolei subsequently saved his family and became a hero.

The second chapter contained only one sentence: "I deroy them all". The third was completely blank.

I don't know how I can recall the story so lucidly, or even if Nikolei remembers reading it. Consciously, I've never thought about that story again until now, but I can't help but wonder if subliminal memories may have manifested in this song...