Power Rangers: Felsic Force

Here's the rundown:
The Red Ranger - Quartz
The Blue Ranger - Plagioclase Feldspar
The Pink Ranger - K-Feldspar
The Yellow Ranger - Muscovite 
The Black Ranger - Obsidian

They can combine their powers into three different Zords: Rhyolite, Granite, and Pegmatitic Granite. 

And though the other rangers make fun of the black ranger for not being a mineral, which leads to some team tension...

Together, the battle the evil mafic forces of the dark lord Olivine, with his minions: basalt, biotite, and scoria. 

I've ranted about this before, but right now, I'm just jotting these down so I won't forget TO MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!

Maybe I can do this for my senior Geology project...

PS: The white ranger will be andesite