I have commenced work on a four page comic entitled Beowulf. It's ten after one in the morning, and a steady stream of The Hives, The Arctic Monkeys, and The Hold Steady have kept me going as well as a band I only recently discovered called Dragonette. Good stuff.
Here's my setup, with the penciled, inked, and colored pages.

Here's the first page. There's a backstory behind this idea. I'll explain it once all four pages are finished.

That's the second page. I actually did research for this work. Sparrows do actually kill bluebirds and raid their nests. Depressing. The tree limbs are inspired by Japanese artists; I reference my Art of Edo Japan textbook for examples.

There are two pages left in this series. What fun!

Comic Jam with Mo

With more time on my hands this evening than brainpower, I finagled Mo into playing a series of drawing games.

Mo proposed the first one, where we each draw a crazy body and then switch drawings, each
drawing a crazy head WITHOUT SEEING THE CRAZY BODY!

Here are the results:
After there, we went on to Scot McCloud's EPIC TIC TAC TOE JAM:
The first one goes Mo-Vernon-Mo...

and this one goes Vernon-Mo-Vernon...

The time couldn't have been spent grander. Good luck on your homework now Mo.

*Edit: I have since looked up what the tic-tac-toe jam actually is, and we did it wrong. Oh well...