A Challenge

There are probably not enough starving artists who stumble across my blog for this to work, but I think I'll still shoot this out there, even if it just serves as a reminder for Bobor and Maggie. I would like to act as a sort of art patron, not in that I'll hand out money, but in that I'd like to support young artists any way I can.
That is to say, I am commissioning artwork.
I'd like to see, from artist friends, what you could do with this prompt:

Create a work of sequential art that functions cyclically. 

I've just been thinking about Beanworld (as I always do) and Monet's Haystacks, and Eisner's depiction of a neighborhood's life and I thought of this.
As long as this blog post doesn't fall on deaf ears, I hope we'll get something out of this 

PS: I'm going to give this a try too, results will eventually be posted on this blog