Never never never never never

Shakespeare wrote the most bleakly beautiful line of Iambic pentameter in the English language (see title). It's a line that gets stuck in my head whenever I try to remember any Shakespeare. Here's James Earl Jones doing the very line, Ian McKellen here, and also Paul Scofield. Each fantastic actor does the line differently, but each with great power.

Out of the three though, I think I like Scofield's mutter the best. That's the sort of reading I have in my head.

I have a short comic idea. The plot wrote itself and unwound 30 or so panels, typed, unpenciled, from my fingertips. I can't think of a better title for a comic about the death of humanity and the destruction of the solar system by cruel time than "Never never never never never."

A title is important. I find I love the writing of Jorge Luis Borges not only for the content and ideas, but also for his titles. If you ever pick up Borges' Book of Sand or Collected Fictions read his Lovecraft tribute "There Are More Things," as wonderful for its Shakespearean title as it is for its abrupt ending.

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