Making Flippy Floppy

One of the things I love about jet lag, is being able to watch movies while my parents are asleep.

So while my mum and pop were sprawled out on couches in the parlor and living room (respectivly), I popped Stop Making Sense into the VCR. I loved it. I sang along with my best David Byrne impression to Psyco Killer, I got up and danced to Burning Down the House, and then, following my all time favorite Life During Wartime, was a song I never really payed much attention to.

It had a constant bass groove that pushed to song forward. I know, I do not speak highly of bass players, but I must admit that this harmony took talent. The keyboard's sharp, thin notes conterbalenced the bass's dull thuncks to creat a sort of double harmony. And there was one more sound that was hard to make out. Was it the drums? Was somebody hitting slabs of slate toghether?No, it was a guitar, playing nothing but muffled notes!

These elements worked toghether so perfectly, so seamlessly. They came in bursts, two distinctly different bursts too, coinciding perfectly with Byrne's lyrics.

The resulting effect was a beatuful yet indescribable mass of sound. I can think of few artists who can pull this off, they are Phillip Glass (who worked with Byrne), Paul Simon (who worked with Glass), and Brian Eno (who worked with bothe Byrne and Simon). Its a style that I love and admire.

Now, if you excuse me, I have some songwriting to do.

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MorganaLe said...

I LOVE Stop Making Sense.

Once I'm no longer under my parents' control and can throw GM parties you've gotta come. We'll have a Stop Making Sense night... Maybe the day after Rocky Horror night. :P