Not Long Now

I don't like it when the fourth of July comes around and I'm not in America. Its not because of my sense of patriotism of nationality, or even my love of fireworks. In a nutshell, its the food.

Since I've arrived in Taiwan, I've missed many foods specific to the midwestern United States. I've craved chicken-fried steak, cornbread, chili, mashed 'taters, and even Chichago style hot dogs (I've also found myself craving goat cheese and artichoke, but that's a different story).

That's the reason why I want to be back in Springfield for the fourth of July: I know that there will be parties where people will be eating the food I crave. But it isn't long now before we go back, and I suppose I can wait two more weeks before succumbing to the treasures of the midwest.

I already have planned what I will do on my first day in the U.S., here goes:
  1. Don't get any sleep on the plane, however, sleep through the entire layover at the Denver airport (the traditional "Colorado Coma")
  2. Back in Springfield, wake up whenever I want. Then head over to the Brewpub.
  3. Eat artichoke dip, chicken fried steak, cornbread, and mashed 'taters
  4. Wash it down with a root beer float

Missouri! I'm coming back!

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saera said...

I always miss the food I'm used to when going away, so I know what you mean. But.. goat cheese?