Just the other day, my father and I were riding bikes by Wenzao, the local University when all of a sudden we saw the strangest thing: A man was riding a motorcycle followed by a goat, and a woman had a goose on her motorcycle.
When the man and the woman got to the same stoplight that we were waiting at, the man got off his bike to try to coax the goat to get on the motorcycle too. Naturally, the goat was not thrilled by this idea and took careful measures (mostly just running and bucking) to avoid the man.
At this point, the woman decided to get off her motorcycle to help the man, but as every body knows, one should never leave a goose unattended. So the goose, suddenly free, raised its wings, hissed, and headed strait for the goat.
Not wanting to get in between two "domestic" animals, my father and I rode away, but not before noticing that the goose had Mickey mouse socks on.

Happy New Year!

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surfer said...

That's goofy. Did you make it up?
I enjoy reading the story. Keep writing.